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 I am following in the footsteps of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.  They pledged their lives , their fortunes, and their Sacred Honor to the cause of their fellow countrymen in the pursuit of Freedom.  I am offering my time, my money and my Sacred Honor to serve you. 

Remember history - or repeat it

I have recognized that most Democratic incumbents run unopposed.  The end result is that they are re-elected unless there is massive unrest.  I have looked at the Congressman from my new district.  Barbara Lee has run unopposed in the Primary since being had picked by Ron Dellums for the job.

Because she has money, and name recognition, I may not stand a chance to ever win.  I understand it would be political suicide for a career politician to run against Barbara.  However, if the voters in the 13th Congressional district, vote for me in the primary, maybe we can have a debate about choice and the issues.  

You have a choice, and because I have offered to SERVE, you finally have a chance, to say goodbye to Barbara and welcome to a new, old fashion Democrat. 

If you vote for me maybe we will be able to send a message to the Party. Then if you choose to send me home in two years, that will be up to you.  But if no other Democrat runs, you will likely have Barbara for another two years, and only have yourself to blame.  To many registered Democrats fail to vote in the Primary.  If we want to take the party back to its historical heart, we need the Democrats from the right and center of the party to vote, or the left-wing will continue to lead. 

Seeking to serve you in Washington D.C.

Join me in exercising democracy, and choice.

I am one of the seven sons of JJ “Josh” and Clara Jelincic.  I grew up in the Hayward hills, and graduated from UC Berkeley.  I am a life long resident of the East Bay.

While attending UC Berkeley, I came to realize I was lost.  I was following the world, and the desires of the flesh. I was seeking wealth, and not the welfare of my fellow human beings.  I was doing what was right in my own eyes.  I was attending church, but the LORD was not my master, I was.

When I surrendered to the LORD as my LORD and MASTER, my reasons for living changed.  Reading this I am sure some are already thinking about the need for the “separation of Church and State”.  I want you to know that I AGREE with the First Amendment. In fact I AGREE STRONGLY with the First Amendment.  HOWEVER the First Amendment does not say “Separation of Church and State”, a better phrase would be “separation of Religion and State” for the amendment is about religion, not church.

Religion includes acts of charity.  Religion includes instruction in matters that require the application of faith.  Our government should not establish religion, and where already established, federal religion should be ended.


Written by Justin Jelincic

April 5, 2010 at 5:06 am

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