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Truth or exaggerated hyperbole?

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I guess I should not plan to ever be elected, as I prefer Truth instead of over-the-top exaggerated hyperbole.

The Supreme Court issues a ruling this week, and when reading the reaction of the progressives you would think they approved ending all birth control, and allowing employers to prohibit employees from using their paycheck to buy things their employer does not buy for them.

WOW    that is so far off the mark it makes me embarrassed that their intellectual honesty is so low, that those who want to get elected, will say whatever will help them raise money to buy elections.

MOST of what I own, I used my paycheck to buy.

I am sure that is true for ALL of us, unless we are slaves.

VERY FEW of us have our off work activity limited by our employers.  Some entertainers do have performance contracts that include off field limitations, but most of us are not under performance contracts.

We all use our paychecks to buy things that our employer does not buy for us.  That is part of why we work.

We want the freedom, and means, to buy the things we want to buy.  The fact that my employer does not want to buy something for me, does not mean I can’t buy it myself.

The world did not end, the Supreme Court did not outlaw spending your money, it only agreed that a closely held family employer, who has strong moral beliefs, can not be force to buy something that is 100% against those beliefs. They offer birth control coverage that takes effect before the egg is fertilized, just not those methods that stop fertilized eggs from becoming babies that take their first breath.

The progressives, (and extremists on the Right for that matter), should get an intellectual honesty pills, and take them daily.



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July 5, 2014 at 8:20 pm

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