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A Free Democrat speaks freely

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As a FREE democrat who is not enslaved to, or owned by the party leadership, I am able to speak the truth without having to check it against the approved platform, or officially approved lies of the leadership.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the law of the land.  However unless you like wealth redistribution schemes, it is a bad law. 

It’s primary structure is to enslave more citizens to dependence on the government’s willingness to redistribute wealth, and or add additional public debt, on those that “can afford it” in order to “give a handout” to those whom they seek to buy.

It was passed by a narrow margin in the House, in a “take it or leave it” package from the Senate, because the votes no longer existed to modify what was passed in the Senate before my party leaders lost the 60 votes they needed to push the legislation forward.   It was flawed, but Nancy wanted something badly enough to say “let’s pass this so we can find out what is in it”.

The president used his bully pulpit to lie to the wavering votes, and citizens, by telling them they could keep their Doctor, and their insurance plan, when he knew there were no such guarantees.  If fact it was highly unlikely that stability was being increased by the ACA, which would have been necessary to end the existing practice of Doctors and hospital being removed from insurance plans.

The ACA is affordable to those whom the government will subsidize with debt.  It is affordable to those with chronic conditions who will have their cost pushed onto others.  It is affordable to the non medicare older population who will have their cost pushed onto the youth. 

The three time multiplier that is in the ACA, guaranteed that the young and healthy would pay more, so the sick and old could be subsidized. 

Using a auto insurance analogy may make this easier for others to understand how nonsensical the ACA requirements are for the young and healthy (aka good drivers).  

If you are in a wreck every day (chronic), and do not learn how to drive better, you will still get insurance, and will not have to pay more than three times what the person who has never had a wreck must pay.   Additionally neither the good or bad driver may purchase a liability only policy.  Rather you must now buy the million dollar limit policy.  The good driver is punished to subsidize the bad driver, and further punished by being required to buy more than he needs, in order to subsidize the bad driver.    The bad driver has no incentive to get better, as he will always have coverage, and will never have to pay more.

It just makes no sense.

Millions will loose insurance from their employers.  Millions will need the government to add to the national debt to make up for the high price of “full featured” health insurance, and everyone will still die.   The only thing that will change is how much is spent on them before they die.  If the government does not ration care, the rates will climb.   If the government rations care, many will complain.

And there you have it, a flawed law, with bad outcomes, that only Free Democrats can admit beforehand.  Others will admit it only when trying to “fix” the website, the cancellations, the under supply of doctors, the backlash from employers cutting to 30 hour work weeks in order to avoid the increased cost of the ACA compliant plans.  We already see these things.  More will come.   Some in the know, could tell us what is next, but that would be against the party line. 

That’s the way I see it tonight.


Written by Justin Jelincic

December 20, 2013 at 10:15 pm