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Democrat for TRUE Democracy

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With most districts being “safe” for one party, the Political leadership, not the citizens, control our government.  In most districts, we have One Party Rule, and sham elections.  

While it would be messy to have free minded representatives (witness the Republican Party leadership’s issues with Tea Party members) we will not have a true Democracy as long as the leaders, and not the citizens, have control over the elected officials.  We will not have compromise, or progress, as long as being “primaried” is the threat used by the Party Whip, to keep elected officials in line. 

I will run again this coming year to ALLOW for Democratic choice.   The Party will give us Barbara Lee again, and will endorse her, as they did Pete Stark, because she stays in line.  The Party leaders will not welcome my offering choice.   They do not want someone who might vote independently.  

As long as Barbara remains under control, like a good party slave, they will not “primary” her.   As long as they do not “primary” her,  she will be safely reelected if no other Democrat is available for citizens to choose. 

In all “safe districts” unless some free Democrat offers to run against the Party leadership’s wishes, the citizens of the district will not have any choice, but to accept the Party chosen, Party Leadership elected, candidate.

That is not the democracy I want my fellow citizens to have put upon them.  I want them to have choice, and so I will offer choice, even though the odds of being elected are like the odds of winning the lottery. The Party has the money to support their obedient slave, and will reward obedience, with a “clear path” in the primary, and sure election in the fall.


Written by Justin Jelincic

August 10, 2013 at 1:06 pm