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TRUE campaign finance reform

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 The strongest campaign finance reform that I can think of, will never pass either house of the Congress because it would be so disruptive to the buying and selling of power.

 Here is my idea:  Eliminate the ability of any campaign to transfer funds out of the campaign or spend it on any item, or purpose not directly related to the candidate, or initiative the funds were raise to support.  Candidates and Political Action Committees, would have to spend, not transfer funds, and be accountable for what they spent the funds to buy. 

 Nancy Pelosi should never need to raise money, as she is in a safe district and has lots of money on hand. However she, and most of the leadership in both parties, work tirelessly to raise money in their campaign war chests, so that they can transfer it to other candidates and buy their political support.

 In my County, my state treasurer transferred nearly a million dollars to buy his wife a seat on the county board of supervisors. The campaign money was given to him, for his campaign, not hers.

If the use or transfer of funds from one campaign to another became an income tax event for the candidate, they would think harder about the transfer.   Campaign funds are exempt from taxation, when used for legitimate reasons.   Jessie Jackson Jr was just charged with fraud for using campaign funds for personal uses.  If the use of campaign funds to buy influence, through transfer, or use for others, were also treated the same, elected candidates would have far less need to raise money and could focus on solving problems, instead of seeking to buy power.

 That’s what I’m thinking tonight.


Written by Justin Jelincic

February 24, 2013 at 10:59 pm