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Barack, Joe, Harry and Nancy are taking us over the cliff

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Knowing that they can’t avoid European style blowback from doing the right thing, they will allow us to go over the cliff, and try to blame the Republicans for not caving on a tax the 2% only solution.

If they really think that a tax the 2% only solution will work, they should offer to resign if the Republicans give them what they want, and both unemployment, and the deficit go up as the Republican predict.

They will not make that offer, because they know that the Republicans are right, a tax the 2% only solution will not solve the problem, it will worsen the problem.

Barack and Joe need to take the lead to cut entitlements, so that we can avoid the European like mess.  It is the natural outcome of the government usurping religious responsiblity, and creating public entitlements that exceed the contributions made into the system.

I hope there are enough honest Democrats in Washington D.C. who love the country, more than the Party, and will find the middle ground to do the right thing, and stop buying reelection with my grandchildren’s income, (aka national debt).


Written by Justin Jelincic

November 28, 2012 at 11:21 pm

Cooperation will be required, not capitulation

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May cooperation mean both sides moving toward each other for our common good, and the preservation of the American Dream.   

The USA models that keep us the land of promise, and hope for the world, must be preserved.  We do not want to become more like Europe, we need to avoid their pitfall of merged religion and state, and social programs that lead to bankruptcy. 


“The American people understand that we’re going to have differences and disagreements in the months to come. They get that,” Obama said. “But on Tuesday, they said loud and clear that they won’t tolerate dysfunction, they won’t tolerate politicians who view compromise as a dirty word—not when so many Americans are still out of work.

“What the American people are looking for is cooperation, they’re looking for consensus, they’re looking for common sense. Most of all they want action,” the president said. “I intend to deliver for them in my second term, and I expect to find willing partners in both parties to make that happen.

“So let’s get to work.”


Written by Justin Jelincic

November 9, 2012 at 2:46 pm

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Congratulations Eric on finishing what I began.

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Congratulations to Eric Swalwell for completing the victory over, out of touch, Pete Stark.

Two years ago I gave the Democrats in the district the first opportunity to show their desire to get a new Democrat to represent them in D.C.

With only a name on the ballot, and no money, or endorsements, they gave me 16% of the primary vote.

That result, plus the new top two primary, created the opportunity for some other Democrat (Eric Swalwell) to challenge Pete in the newly redrawn CA-15th Congressional district.  Thankfully Eric had the courage to withstand the political party pressure to “let Pete stay in power”.

Eric demonstrated what I believe, representation, not power, is the point of being a member of the House of Representatives.   Pete, and the Party leadership support of him was about power, not representation.

Pete has not cared to represent the citizens of his district for years.  I am glad for the investment I made two years ago, if in some small way it has led to more representation, and less politics.

Congratulations Eric on finishing what I began.

Justin Jelincic, resident of the new CA-13th Congressional district.

Written by Justin Jelincic

November 7, 2012 at 7:11 am

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