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And now we know – you can tax folks for not following instructions

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And now we know – you can tax folks for not following instructions.

Congress called it a penalty, but the Supreme Court says they over reached on Commerce Clause, but were completely constitutional to tax non conformity.  Even though they did not call it a tax, and went out of their way to say they were not creating a middle class tax on the young and healthy, the Court said, its okay, because it really is a tax, and Congress can tax non conforming behavior.  Wow!

I only wonder what non conformity Congress will choose to tax next.  If the socialist gain control of Congress I expect them to tax any behavior they do not like.   I can imagine a tax on failure to attend a public school, and choosing any alternative like  home schooling or private school educations.


Written by Justin Jelincic

June 28, 2012 at 8:48 pm

With the primary behind me I am still proud to have made choice available.

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With the results in, it is clear that Barbara does not carry the same type of baggage that Pete Stark does.  With an open primary, and less than 6% of the vote vs. more that 15% two years ago vs Pete, it is clear the anti incumbant vote is not alive and well in the district.

Over in the 15th, Pete stands for reelection (42%)  against fellow democrat Eric Swalwell (36%).  It will be interesting to see how that plays out when the turnout goes up in November.   I would guess the party lines up behind Pete, even though the editorials say it’s time for him to go.     With both Ellen Corbett and Ro Khanna, raising money but not wanting to challenge Pete, I assume they will come out endorsing Pete to make their pathway to 2014 easier. 

Hopefully THE PEOPLE and not the party, and money, will have the final say in November.

I will keep the blog going from time to time, and keep the campaign account open to be ready in two years, to allow the minority to be heard.

Written by Justin Jelincic

June 7, 2012 at 8:49 pm

The polls are now closed. Thank you for voting.

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I do not yet know the outcome of today’s vote.   I have read that only 30% were expected to vote.  If you were one of the few, who joined me in seeking to preserve democracy, by taking the time to learn of the issues and  candidates, I want to thank you.  THE PEOPLE are only heard when they take a stand from Freedom and Choice.  The silent majority, who did not vote today, will not be heard.

If you voted for me I want to thank you twice.   Once for expressing the vote of  THE PEOPLE, and secondly for honoring me with your vote.


Written by Justin Jelincic

June 5, 2012 at 8:00 pm

Solutions not polarized ideology

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There are three candidates on the ballot for the CA 13th Congressional district. 

One is part of the polarized parties of career politicians that control our national government.  Content and willing to vote the party line.  Part of the Party of “yes” when the Democrats control the chamber, and the Party of “no” when the Democrats are in the minority.

The other two are concerned citizens who chose to do something rather than sit on the sidelines and complain. 

Marilyn Singleton currently has no party preference.  

My name is Justin Jelincic.  I was raised in a Democratic Family.  My father served on the Eden Hospital Board of Directors and ran for both County Supervisor and State Assembly when I was living at home.  He raised his seven sons to take a stand.  To have, speak and defend their opinions. 

In 2010, when I found myself complaining about Pete Stark not wanting to be bothered by anyone in the District, Democrats included, I recognized that someone needed to stand up for the registered Democrats and offer a choice.  As Pete had run unopposed in the primary for nearly 20 years, in a district that only elects Democrats, there was no way for him to be replaced if a fellow Democrat did not offer to run.   I was honored to receive 16% of the vote, without collecting and spending Political Action Committee (PAC) campaign funds.  During the campaign I found to my surprise, that we really do not have a functional Democracy.  When the Parties do not offer two candidates, the party members do not have a real choice.  I decided to offer to serve my fellow Democrats in all future elections were my neighbors were willing to place my name on the ballot.

This election follows redistricting.   I therefore find myself on the ballot to give Democrats, Decline to State, and even Republications a choice between two Democrats, Barbara Lee, or Justin Jelincic.  Your ballot shows there are two Democrats to choose from.  One is intrenched in the Party politics, and PAC funding process, the other is happily working as a Finance Manager for a Non-Profit health care provider.

I welcome your vote, and encouragement to continue to offer choice, and true democracy.   You can read my blog to find out what I believe.  My promise to you, if elected, is to seek Solutions and not be enslaved to the Party leadership or special interests of the PACs .  I have taken no PAC funding.

I will do all I can, to preserve, protect, and defend your rights.  THE PEOPLE, not the Party, will be my first allegiance.   With that said, I am a registered Democrat, because we have been the Party of THE PEOPLE seeking to ensure a level playing field, of equal opportunity for all.

Please consider giving me your vote.   Vote for Change.   Vote for a fresh voice.    If you read all of my blog posts, I am sure you will find something you disagree with, but I trust you will find MUCH that you do agree with.  I look forward to the results of the June 5th Primary, and the selection of the top two candidates for the November election.  


Written by Justin Jelincic

June 1, 2012 at 9:42 pm