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Added PAGE ====> Abuse of Federal power

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Just a quick post to draw your attention to the new page.  Let me know what you think of the four page Powerpoint (pdf) showing what the relationship of Citizens Rights were to the Government agencies under the  Confederation of States, the new United States, before the protections of the Bill of Rights,  the United States after the corrections and protections offered by the Bill of Rights, and lastly what happens when the Federal Courts fail to apply the 9th and 10th amendments in the effort to protect Citizens from abuse of Federal powers.


Written by Justin Jelincic

February 26, 2012 at 10:04 pm

Unless someone else joins the race ….

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I am committed to the principle that there needs to be TWO candidates from the same party in every primary.  As Barbara Lee has run unopposed in the primary, I am prepared to provide the citizens of the 13th district a democrat other than the incumbant to choose in the Primary. 

I pulled nomination papers on valentine’s day, and gathered signatures today.   I will get them validated, and then file to ensure democrats have a choice in the primary.   There was a change this past week, and I think it is great that you must declare your voting preference on the ballot.   It helps voters know something about the candidate. 

I am a long time democrat, who does not follow the progressive socialistic lead of the Party bosses.  I stand for true democracy and choice.   IT IS GOOD TO HAVE A CHOICE.  Democracy demands choice.

THE PEOPLE deserve to have choice.   60 of my neighbors signed on to the idea of democracy means choice, so once the county validates they are registered, I can move forward.

We got under $3 per day per resident in January

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According to TIME magazine (02/20/12 page 7) in January, because of higher tax withholdings, the Federal government was able to get under $3 per day per resident in January 2012.  Only $27B in the red. 

Wow we are doing better, at this rate we will only need to borrow another $1,095 for each resident in 2012! 

When do we start to pay off the debt, instead of adding to it every day?

TIME  also had a picture of “King Barack” included in Rich Lowry’s  Obama vs. the Church commentary.  OUR Federal government IS acting like the Bill of Rights does not exist, (unless it is a right they like). 

It is time for change.   I am willing to serve as a Representative for change. 

If only the 435 people currently in the House would Represent The People instead of their Party, we might find common ground to reduced Federal spending, remove tax loopholes, create a flat tax, and return full American Hope and Freedom. Restoring the full effect of the rights that were to be preserved by the Bill of Rights. 

Time to elect Representatives of  The People.

Barack is at it again –

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From    By Alister Bull and Richard Cowan | Reuters     Barack Obama will seek billions of dollars for jobs and infrastructure in his 2013 budget, an appeal to voters that draws election-year battle lines over taxes and spending as Republicans slammed him for “debt, doubt and decline.”

Let’s use taxpayer debt, to be paid for by their grandchildren, to appeal to voters today.   Please Mr President, lead to austerity now, before some future President is forced there, like the Greeks are being forced to go by their debt holders.

After pushing to further his version of Federal Religion, and trampling on the Freedom of Religion in the first of our precious rights, he wants to find a way to buy votes, because he knows his policy failures will not buy votes.

Oh that I could vote for someone else in the CA Presidential primary.

Written by Justin Jelincic

February 10, 2012 at 10:18 pm