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Hypocrisy – Get re-elected gimmicks of the Democratic Left

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Social Security is already under funded. My fellow Democrats blast business for under funding pensions, but my President wants to accelerate the bankrupting of Social Security. This tax should go up, or the payments should go down. I am stunned that there are that many Democratic fools lined up with the President in doing the wrong thing. We will never be able to question unfunded pensions, when we set this example.

I am ashamed to be associated with the current bunch of Democrats in Congress and the White House, if they think bankrupting Social Security is a good idea.

I like money in my pocket, but I prefer truth and honesty.  They Progressive Socialists want to tax the rich because they are successful, but do not want to preserve the retirement benefits that the rank and file depend upon.   What are they thinking besides – “I want to get re-elected, and think I can fool the voters.”?


Written by Justin Jelincic

December 21, 2011 at 12:52 pm