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Why do thinking people look to the government for answers?

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My thought today has been around the mental disconnect between citizens thinking Congress and the President are doing a poor job, and folks still looking to them to provide answers for their lives.

Federal Government intrusion and trampling of the rights of free citizens is not the answer.   Punishing the successful with confiscatory taxes is a socialistic answer.  The American dream is not built on the premise of the Government giving handouts.  It is built on the premise of a level playing field allowing those who work hard, in legal ways, to succeed and enjoy the pursuit of God given happiness.

Slaves, and servants look to the master for a handout.  Proud Americans look to themselves, not their government, for opportunities to succeed.  Victimhood is a messy bog.  Hardship, Sacrifice, and Hard Work, are the tools of success. 

Many (most?) start-ups fail.   But trying and failing, is better than waiting for a handout. 

Supporting our friends, family and neighbors in community effort has historically been part of the American dream.   Seeing a neighbor in need, meant lending a hand.  Investing in a family member’s dream, and working hard to ensure the investment could be repaid was, and should again be, a common American Dream activity.    

Charity, not taxes, should be the way we redistribute wealth. 

Charity investors have better motives than government bureaucrats.  Charity investors want to maximize the amount applied to delivering the Charity objective.  Charity investors look for winning ideas.  Government bureaucrats “need” to siphon off their share, before the investment can take place.   The contrast makes it obvious which way is more efficient. 

The Federal government is the answer for International affairs, but NOT for the affairs of free citizens.  The RIGHTS of citizens should be preserved, and the Federal government’s role in the affairs of the Free Citizens, should be small.

That’s what I am thinking tonight.


Written by Justin Jelincic

October 17, 2011 at 9:22 pm