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Thanks Eric. Anyone challenging Barbara?

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Well now that the redistricting is done, my home remains in CA-13 and Pete moves onto CA-15.  It appears there is at least one other Democrat who has decided that Pete should be challenged.   Thank you Eric – I do not appear to need to run against Pete again as you will do that for me and the rest of the Party.


On the other hand, with the new district lines, I am still in CA-13 and Barbara Lee will become the incumbant Congressman for my district.    As she also has been running unopposed, I will need to track for party activity and be ready to jump into the race in order to ensure she has a Democratic challenger.  The Party must not let our incumbents marginalize non progressive socialistic party members.

Hopefully someone will come forward to challenge Barbara.


Jobs or prevailing wages?

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I think we need Democratic leaders who put Americans first instead of the unions who have funded many of our campaigns (though clearly not mine).

We need a JOBS program to put people to work, the MAXIMUM number of people to work. 

We could take current annual spending, without new taxes, and employ more if we took a prevailing wage holiday for all public works jobs for any worker who is both a citizen and has been out of work for more that six months.

I know our union guys will not like that, but it would put people to work without more taxes.

Written by Justin Jelincic

September 13, 2011 at 7:24 pm