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Of death taxes and death benefits …

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Why Barak and Democrats would want, and how Republicans could agree, to restart the death tax (aka Estate Tax) is beyond me. 

I could never look at a child who just lost their parent, and say “step aside, Uncle Sam gets the first portion of the estate.”  What are the people in Washington D.C. thinking?  Why is the fully taxed, residual value, of a lifetime of working, earning and savings, the property of the government?  We should NEVER tax the children because their parents died.

On the other hand, dying, should not reset the value of an asset upward.  Any asset that sold before death, would have triggered a capital gain, or just simple income profit, should yield the same outcome if sold by the children.  An increase in the tax basis should not happen just because someone dies.

If the purchase price of the asset, can not be determined by the recipient of the inheritance, than as a gift, it should come to them, not with current fair market value, but with a tax basis of zero.  If held there is no tax.  If sold the appropriate tax on income, or long-term investments, should apply. 

Death should not cause any change, other than ownership.

That’s what I think.  What’s your take?


Written by Justin Jelincic

December 24, 2010 at 2:10 pm

One year later …

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One year ago, the Senate, controlled by my party, defied the will of The People, and approved ObamaCare.   If Harry had not abused his fellow Senators, and held them captive in D.C. (rather than allowing them to go home for Christmas) until the Senate version of  ObamaCare was approved, I might have never become a candidate for Congress.

Without that vote on Christmas eve day, and with the loss of the super-majority, perhaps ObamaCare would not have ever passed in 2010, as reconciliation would not have been available to the Progressive Socialistic members of the Party as a means to cram legislation down the throat of the majority of American who do not want to become like Europeans. 

Our First amendment was to keep the government from taking on the role of religion.  Unpaid for, social care, is the business of religion not government.  That is not true in Europe, where constitutions do not prevent the government from establishing religion, but it should be true here in America.

While I will go along with those who say the government should be able to offer and sponsor retirement plans that are fully paid for by participants; plans that offer benefits that are greater than any actuarially determined values of the contributions made, are either Ponzi schemes, or the act of religious charity and should not be the acts of the American government.  I know the progressive socialists in the Party would disagree, but they do not agree with much that the Founding Fathers of America would have held forth as the limits, and requirements,  of men and government.

One year later, I am not in Congress, but the Party has lost control of the House, because we failed to keep control of the zeal of the progressive socialists.  The Heartland of America, and the Heart of the Democratic party still wants the American Dream, not Europe revisited. Keeping Nancy as party leader in D.C. tells America, those who were re-elected have not listened.  Maybe in 2012 many conservative Democrats will stand up to run and win, and push the progressive socialists out of party power.

One year later, I have a blog, and remain a commentator on the news of the day. 

One year later, Barack is out from under Nancy’s control, and striking deals with the GOP. 

One year later, I see the frustration with Tea Party members, who having helped reject our party, but now are seeing the other party does not keep to the pledges the Tea Party wanted.

One year later, we still have a government that does hold itself accountable to ONE ISSUE legislation, that either stands on its merits or fails.  One year later we still have politicians cutting deals, and putting together poisonous legislative sausage.  You get yours, I get mine, we get reelected, and our grandchildren will have to carry the pain.

When will it stop?  Maybe two years from now?  Let’s not give up, but lets work to get back to personal responsibility and accountability.

Government or Citizen – who’s in control?

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Listening to the Progressive Socialists complain about making the 10 year tax reductions permanent as “a give away”, makes it clear that they think the income is the government’s, and the untaxed portion is a giveaway to the citizens.  On the other hand giving money to those who are not working for it is justified to a Progressive Socialist.  It makes me wonder what other scheme of instant gratification the Progressive Socialists will offer next.

This tax deal stinks. 

Before allowing the citizens who are earning money to keep it, the Progressive Socialist want to extract a commitment to give away what was not earned.   And while we are at it, lets give money to our lobbyist friends too.  The media called it “dressing the tree” to get enough votes to pass.  Once again, we are making sick sausage, because “bad sausage is better than good sausage”.  They seem to be saying “If I get my ingredient added, I will say yummy, even if it is toxic.” 

What is wrong with these people?  They need the courage to say “NO” to bad sausage.  They need the courage to say “YES” to Smaller, more responsible government.  “Yes” to Less revenue, less spending, less waste. “Yes” to more freedom, less government intrusion.

Say “YES” to responsible citizenship, and personal responsiblity.  

Work to earn, and my you earn a LOT.  But be generous with what you make.  Give to those in need.  Don’t give a handout, give them a hand.  Don’t give them a fish, teach them to fish.  

Let the Citizens, The People, be in control.

Written by Justin Jelincic

December 10, 2010 at 10:15 pm

It hurts to be called a Republican just because I am conservative

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I think the Inheritance Tax is an affront to those who live responsibly.  I do not believe savings are the property of the government, but of the citizens.

They work hard, they save, and they do not spend it on themselves for intangible things and the Progressive Socialists steps in and says “I’ll take my share before your children do”.  

If they waste their income on high-end and extravagant travel, expensive food, servants, imported cars, and other excessive lifestyles, and bury themselves in debt the Progressive Socialists are happy that nothing is left to give to the next generation.  

The Progressive Socialists reward those who live like the Progressive Socialists govern.  Spend now, and bury the children in debt.  That is a good thing to Progressive Socialists. 

The Progressive Socialists demand their share of the inheritance from those who save, live frugally and delay their personal gratification so they can leave a better life to their children and grandchildren.  The Progressive Socialists seem to say “How dare they try to provide for their grandchildren? We wasted their future on our current comfort, how dare they set a different example?”

I say things like this because I am an honest, conservative Democrat.  People tell me I am in the wrong party and should be a Republican because I think that the government does not own me, or my savings.  What is wrong with our party that conservative thought is not seen as a strength of the party.  What happened to the party of the common man seeking the American Dream and having a chance to experience success without the shackles of government or having to fight on an uneven playing field with uncompetitive disadvantages? 

I thought we wanted to be the party that helped the little guy, and gave each American the chance to pull himself up by the bootstraps and become successful.  What happened?  I guess we let the Progressive Socialists seize control of the party.  

I refuse to let Republicans be the sole owners of conservative thought.

I am proud to say I am a CONSERVATIVE Democrat.

Written by Justin Jelincic

December 10, 2010 at 9:48 pm

Moving to the right of center

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Today’s news sounds like Barack is coming to my side of the Democratic tent, and the Progressive / Socialistic members like Nancy, Pete and Barbara are not happy that the voice of the conservative heart of America is being heard. 

They enjoyed cramming bad legislation down Barack’s throat while they had the majorities, and now that their non compromising ways can’t win the day, they are starting to act like the party of “No!”  I can see it now, tax increase for all so that the Rich get a tax increase.  Is their desire to punish those who make a lot of money that strong?  Will they force a tax increase on everyone so that the rich have to pay more?

Small government, with small revenues and small expenses do not make for happy Progressives who think they know better than the average American, what is good for them.  The Progressive / Socialistic leadership continues to show that they don’t get it.  They want to play robbing hoods.  Take from the rich and give to the poor.  They want the poor to stay unemployed and without hope, unless of course the progressives take care of their puppets.

My grandparents left Europe to get away from government control of their lives.  We do not want European type controls here in America.  We want our Freedom to be Free from government controls. We do not want a Nanny state.  Cutting off revenue seems the only way to keep Progressive Democrats from starting another entitlement.  Oh that Conservative Democrats were in control, and could push for the American dream, and opportunity for hard work to be rewarded with great pay.

I am glad to see that Barack realizes Nancy can’t push him around any more.  Time to find out if he can lead, when he does not have to bow to the extremes of the socialistic progressives.

I don’t like the deal Barack struck, because it is, like so much from Washington DC appears to be, is shortsighted.  What can we pass today.

I keep waiting for the politician, Democrat or Republican, who will start looking at what is good for our grandchildren.  And set the agenda with the longterm in view.

I will keep praying.   The Lord has eternity in view.  This is all just a momentary blip on history, but the so-called leaders in DC treat everything like a battle for today.   The  shortsightedness of the Liberal left, and Conservative right needs to be abandoned for the Long Term view of our grandchildren.

That’s what I’m thinking tonight.

Written by Justin Jelincic

December 7, 2010 at 11:34 pm

When will my fellow Democrats demand work for cash?

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Why do the Party leaders keep asking for unemployment cash, rather that work opportunities for the unemployed?  My guess is that they do not want to undermine the union boys by giving potential union work to the unemployed instead of to union labor.  That would likely mean the taxpayers would get more bang for the buck, and the union leaders, and fat businessmen would get less.

There should be a bunch of shovel ready work.  We need to demand the unemployed be put to work on those shovel ready work projects.   Clean graffiti, patch walkways, patch pot holes, use a real shovel, visit senior shut-ins and work on public housing projects, tutor in schools.  Give them a chance to DO SOMETHING to regain their dignity.  Just providing more than 99 weeks of unemployment does not restore dignity.

If you have not found a job in 26 weeks (1/2 a year) you should be getting new training and letting go of the old job, and moving onto the new.   Unemployment should be short and temporary.  Dignity comes from work, not cash.  Keeping people with cash, without work, robs them of dignity.  They become slaves of the state.

FDR understood that, why Nancy, Barack and Harry do not understand that is beyond me.

The debt commission comes out with a plan, to cut spending, lower tax rates and raise revenue by reducing the social engineering of various tax deductions.  A big pill,  but smaller government, and less manipulating the population sounds like a good idea to me.

Letting people donate to charity instead of giving their money to the government in the form of taxes might be an idea to look at.  Charities tend to run lean and clean, instead of bloated and wasteful.  The Americans might get more bang for the buck by returning to a separation of religion, and the religious duties of social welfare, and returning religious duties to the hands of religion and charities. 

I wonder if you let people have a dollar for dollar credit for charity donations if anyone would ever pay a dime in tax.   I think most people would choose to redirect their money away from government, because the two parties are doing such a poor job of being statesmen. 

As the scriptures say, a house divided can not stand.  It is only a matter of time if we keep electing extreme Left and extreme Right before we will fall down on our own as a divided house.

The answer is not for the Right to move hard Left to the extreme, nor for the Left to move hard Right to the extreme, I think the answer is for LEADERS to remember the core values of the American Dream, and move to allow the maximum number of Americans live the dream.  I think that is more likely, Right of Center, than Left of it, but maybe that is because I am well to the Right of center, and frankly reject the Liberal, socialistic, left of the Party.

That’s what I’m thinking tonight, as I pray for America to find the way back to responsible government, and responsible citizenship, and away from a divided house that can not stand.

Written by Justin Jelincic

December 1, 2010 at 10:49 pm