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Pelosi and her Progressive base

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Pelosi and her Progressive / Socialistic / “Government knows better than you” supporters remain in control of a once proud and honorable party, that believed in the American Dream that offered equal opportunity and equal rewards for hard work, not governmental handouts.  

As reported in the press, Nancy’s base includes the 34-member California delegation, (including Pete Stark) dozens of women and large blocs in the progressive, black and Hispanic caucuses.   Her selection shows that a clear majority among sitting House Democrats are from the Progressive Left wing. 

My fellow conservative Democrats, if we are to take the party back, more proudly conservative Democrats need to seek election, and to challenge socialistic progressives like Pete and Nancy in the primaries in 2012. We need elected Democrats who hold to conservative values, and choose conservative leadership.

As the press reported,  elected Representatives like Tim Ryan (D-Ohio), backed Nancy for minority leader, because they believe she will be the strongest possible voice for House Democrats in negotiations with the White House and the Senate.  “The No. 1 reason in support of Nancy Pelosi is that she will hold the White House responsible,” Ryan said.  “Nancy Pelosi will be the only Democratic leader standing up, saying ‘no’ and planting the flag in the ground.”

I want to know what Democrats will pull up Nancy’s flag and plant one for a small federal government, and return to local control wherever possible?  

I want to know when others will say to Pete Stark and his kind, that they are wrong to think the federal government can do whatever it wants, regardless of what The People want.

I want to know when the Democratic banner will again stand for honor, obedience and respect for the law, and the restoration of the American dream that there is reward for hard work.  Not a governmental gift, with a bill given to our grandchildren, but the chance to start a business and prosper and leave an inheritance to our grandchildren, not the IRS.

Nancy boasts that she has many grandchildren, I am stunned that she is so happily placing them into National debt, but then I suppose she will protect her grandchildren’s individual outcomes, just not the outcome for my grandchildren, or yours.

That’s what I’m thinking tonight, what do you think?


Written by Justin Jelincic

November 19, 2010 at 11:09 pm

I guess we will find out soon ….

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I guess we will find out soon if the Party of the people finds it’s way back into the hands of the majority of Democrats, or remains in the control of the Progressive-Socialistic minority.

Money or votes, what will win?  I will keep watching, and praying that the old party base, of hard-working individuals who want to experience the American Dream retake control. The left-wing, nanny state leaders still rule in San Francisco, but I hope they have lost control in Washington, and maybe even in Sacramento.

The American dream is not about wealth redistribution by the political bosses.  It is not about the government taking over parental responsibility, or family obligations.  Equal opportunity to work and rewards, not equal opportunity for handouts.

That’s what I was raised to believe.  

If I did not think the Democratic base held to these conservative views, and that it was only a minority of progressive-socialistic left-wing extremist that believed in driving for government control of my diet and other choices,   I would abandon the party.  But I think the party is worth restoration.  I think Democrats can lead in a way that will yield to a greater experience of The American Dream.

Written by Justin Jelincic

November 12, 2010 at 10:11 pm

How much worse does it need to be?

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The American voter has shown that the Socialistic leaning, cram it down your throat, like it or not, leadership style of Nancy, Harry and Barack have been rejected.  This is not the type of Change they voted for in 2008. 

In some states political maneuvering to control, choose or destroy the opposition, allowed for Democratic wins (Harry nice choice of opposition).

In districts secured by gerrymandering, Democrats could win.  But in far to many races, where districts are competitive, and where FREE citizens had a true choice, they rejected our party and chose to let the Republicans take over to prevent Nancy, Harry and Barack from cramming more bad policy down their throats. They put a stop to that type of Change. 

After the pounding, I thought Nancy and Harry would get the message, and step down from leadership.  But I now know that for Nancy, the interest of American’s and the Party are secondary to her hunger for power.  I am dismayed that she would seek to hold onto party power, rather than allow the Congressional Democrats to choose a leader who would demonstrate to Free Americans, that we get it and will reject the Socialistic leaning direction of the “Progressive” leadership and turn to Conservative Democrats to lead the way.

Perhaps Nancy is miss counting the votes, and will be turned down by the caucus.  But assuming she is right, I can only imagine that she will lead the new party of “NO”. 

Barack ran for change, perhaps without Nancy to push him around, he can show us the type of change that might lead to improvements for Free Americans.

It is time for the Party to set the captives FREE.  To many of the “Progressive / Socialistic” leaders treat minorities like their property (slaves).  Held dependant on the party to provide for them, rather than the traditional Democratic values, of creating a level playing field where hard work could lead to experiencing the American dream.

We have become the party that buys votes by delivering the bacon, and giving the bill to our grand children to pay.  I think we likely lost because there are still enough FREE Americans who vote for America and delayed gratification, instead of for their short-term satisfaction.  We need to return to our old values. 

We should hear their message and help repeal the bad portions of Obama Care.  It was poorly delivered.  With a take it or leave it Senate version, Nancy pushed through, and down the throats of all Americans, legislation that many FREE Americans rejected. We need to help pass amendments to drive down cost, rather than drive up the government role in providing the premiums with government provided healthcare. 

Cadillac plans should be on our target list to eliminate or tax. Even if our union members will feel the change,  how can we support hiding income, and letting some have unequal care with taxpayer support? It is not morally right.

Having defeated me in the primary, Pete was reelected to my district as expected.  With the loss of control of the house, he will no longer be chair of the sub-committee on health.  He therefore will not be able to worsen the healthcare of Americans. The majority will work to reverse the bad legislation.  Barack will likely veto the effort, and I predict that if he does, the Republicans will have a message for 2012 that will lead to more losses.

Nancy, please step down from leadership.   Harry, please step down from leadership.   Barack, please show you can lead the type of change you offered, or we may give the Republicans in 2012, what we had in 2008, the power to push through legislation that should never have been approved.

Tonight we set the clocks back an hour from Daylight Savings Time, to Standard Time.  Maybe it is also time to set the clock back from Progressive / Socialistic /Nanny Government time, to Hard Work / Individual effort /  American Dream time for the Democratic Party.

The PEOPLE deserve a Congress of statesmen, not Partymen.

Written by Justin Jelincic

November 6, 2010 at 11:34 pm