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Just a few more days and ….

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Just a few more days to make a difference in the election.  Vote by mail ballots have been sent.  In most cases the party extremes are on the General election ballot.   In rare cases someone like me, who wants to serve country and represent the heart and soul of the majority of the silent majority, rather than self interests, special interest, or party interest, has gotten through the primary and now some of you have a chance to make a positive difference.

Most of us just have a choice between the candidates of the special interests, and the party interests.  While that is a sad choice, we need to show up and make a choice.   Even if that choice is just to toss the incumbant out, and look forward to a better primary in two years. 

If we do not get active in the Primary, we get stuck in the General election.  THAT is the key lesson I have learned in the political arena this year.

If contributions come in, I may try again to offer myself as a political servant and representative.  If the funding does not come in, I will continue to pray for those who are elected to meet their maker, and know WHOM they must give account to in the end.

They may think they do not need to give account to anyone besides the special interests, and party interests who have purchased their office for them, but they will find some day that they must give account to the ONE who made them, and knows their every thought and deed.

Pray for them.  While there may only be a few more days to influence the elections, there are many days to influence the KING of kings, in the expectations that HE will influence the elected, and cause them to serve.

That would be a better outcome for us all.   Pray then for that good outcome.


Written by Justin Jelincic

October 17, 2010 at 4:48 pm