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Progressive socialist Democrats

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Why do so many of the career Democrats come from the small fringe of the Progressive socialist Democrats?

To read the candidate statements on the ballot, or listen to the press, you would think that all Democrats were of the opinion that the citizens of the US can not be trusted to make good decisions if the government does not make the decisions for them.  I suppose that is why they are married to the Union bosses, because they do not think the rank and file could make good decisions on their own.

The Federal Democrats seem to want to usurp the rights that the Creator gave to HIS children.  They speak and act as though the rights of men are granted to them from the government and not from the Creator. 

It troubles me that Pete Stark, the Progressive socialistic Democrat is again on the ballot to be my Representative.  I tried to give the Conservative, and centrist Democrats an option, but lacked the money and machine to send Pete home to Maryland.   I followed my dad’s advice, I stopped complaining and did something, but it was not enough.

I will continue to do something, and continue to pray for Pete and other career politicians to meet the Creator, and recognize their accountability to HIM. 

I am sure that as an atheist, Pete does not want my prayers. However, as a man of compassion, I must pray for him, because the consequences for Pete in eternity are too great if he does not bow the knee in life.  In the hope that perhaps his wife or children can be an influence on him,  I pray for them as well.

If you are a man or woman of faith, I ask you to join me in praying for elected officials to know the mind of God and yield to HIS opinion and will, rather than to the popular opinions of the day.


Written by Justin Jelincic

September 28, 2010 at 10:41 pm

Broad brush strokes vs. Truth

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Too many people, politicians and just plain citizens make broad brush stokes in the labeling of people and associations.   “All Muslims are ….. ”  “All Democrats are ….”  “All Republicans are ….”  Typically these broad brush strokes are aimed only at their opponents.

Evil, Liberal, Socialistic, Greedy, Hypocritical, Conservative, Wacko, ….   you know the terms, you hear them, but it is unlikely that any of these statements are ever true.

All Democrats are not progressive socialists, some like myself, are perhaps more conservative than a great deal of the Republicans.

All politicians are not self centered, some actually want to serve their country at personal sacrifice, and are not looking to be treated like rulers.

All who oppose taxes are not  just greedy.  Some truly believe the government is engaged in services it should not be doing.

They see the government acting like a religion, when it is the first resort, rather than the last resort in social matters. Family, and not the government, should be the first line of social order.  The government should not interfere in family, nor undercut the family by taking over family obligations.  

Children should care for their elderly parents, not get upset when the government “fails” to take over the care of their parents and free them from family responsibilities.  Individuals should look to family, community, houses of worship, not the government for social services.   Charity, not taxes, should provide for the care of our citizens if we are an honorable people.

People should read the spiritual texts of the Jews, Christians, Muslims, and other faiths before applying a broad brush to say they are evil. Government should not choose for its citizens what religion they should embrace, or reject. Choices of faith and practice are personal matters, with personal consequences.  The government should not prevent choice, nor protect individuals from the consequences of choice, unless they have been committed to institutional care.

Calling something evil because it does not support your point of view is wrong.  Calling someone to account for embracing evil is worthwhile.  Governments should legislate against evil, but not dictate behavior of free people.

My reading in Romans 12 today included “Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good.  Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honor giving preference to one another;  not lagging in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord;  rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer;  distributing to the needs of the saints, given to hospitality.  Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse.”     We would do well to live by these words.

There is evil.  News reports seem to suggest that some religions sponsor evil. If this is true they should be quoted, and called to account for what they espouse.  But if not quoted, if not known, they should not be broad brushed as evil from a position of ignorance. 

I understand there are those who say that Christians are soft because they choose to live by words like:  Repay no one evil for evil. Have regard for good things in the sight of all men.” and “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”   but I for one choose good over evil, and “soft” over violent.

Join me, in condemning evil where it exists. 

If you see it or hear it call attention to it and quote it, then condemn it.  It does not matter if it comes out of the mouth of your opponent, or your friend in your party.  Do not be a hypocrite and only call it evil when it comes from your opponent.  Be consistent, call evil, evil every time you see or hear it, and then you will deserve to be heard.

That’s what I’m thinking today.   What do you think?

Written by Justin Jelincic

September 11, 2010 at 5:25 pm

What portions of the Quran are evil?

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Who knew that Glen Beck would be saying the right thing.   As reported by AP, “Conservative radio and television host Glenn Beck wrote in an Internet blog that burning the Quran is like burning the flag or the Bible — something people can do in the United States, but shouldn’t.”

Oh that more people would think about NOT exercising their freedom for the sake of better dialogue, and peace.

What I wish Pastor Terry Jones would do is instead of burning the whole Quran, is read passages from the Quran that would be offensive to all kind and well-meaning people, and after reading the portion, and providing the reference to the section for any who care to read the text,  burn those portions. 

I am sure Muslims will still take offense at pieces of paper being burned that carry quotes from the Quran, but then they would need to defend that which is clearly offensive to kind, and peace-loving people everywhere.

Not all of the Quran should be burned, for not all of the Quran is evil.  Draw attention to what is evil, and burn that which is evil.   Burning the page from the Quran itself, likely will burn words on the other side that are not evil, by the standards of peace. 

Better to take the time to make single sided copies of only the offensive portions of the text, 1) read the text, 2) quote Scripture that shows the evil intent of the offensive portion,  3) call upon Muslims everywhere to denounce those portions of the Quran that are evil, 4. burn those portions.

If Pastor Terry Jones does not know what portions are evil, he should not condemn the entire book.

That’s what I think, what do you think?

Written by Justin Jelincic

September 8, 2010 at 10:33 pm

Praying for Surrender

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As I move back toward my “normal life” I find that I am praying more for those who are elected to office.  I am not praying that they govern better, but I am praying for them to Surrender.

Recent reports and articles about the “christianity” of Barack, and others, has made me pray for the personal surrender of politicians to the Authority and Majesty of Jesus as LORD, Master, sovereign of their personal life.  I am not looking for public spiritual activity, or commitment to “church”, but for personal moral surrender to the LORD of lords, and KING of kings.

I think many born again followers of Jesus get caught up in the affairs of state, rather than the affairs of Jesus.  They look to solve the problems of men, rather than the problems of their own, personal, moral failings.  I know I need to keep short accounts with the Lord because I am willing and able to go my own way.  I am able to do that which seems right to me, but is the pathway of destruction.

I am praying therefore for my personal revival, day by day.   I am praying for the salvation of the publicly declared atheist, Pete Stark. I am also praying for the publicly declared religious, to find a deep commitment to Jesus as Master and personal Lord.  I am praying that in a spirit of surrender to HIS great authority, that they would not be so quick to use government power to hide the problems of men. 

I see the campaign heating up, and fresh ideas of how to spend our grandchildren’s money (i.e. more debt) to make our lives easier, and to buy our votes, by offering us temporary gratification. 

I do not think the LORD of lords, would use government to achieve what family should do. 

I think the LORD of lords would remind us that we are living as the wealthy.  HE would help us to compare ourselves to an absolute standard, and see that we are indeed blessed, even in these “difficult” times.   HE would lead us to seek contentment in what we have, not in regaining what we once had.  HE would lead us to a simpler life. 

Surrender to HIM would lead us to greater peace.  The heart needs to be in a different place to see that our rights come from God and not from government.  The  heart of “rulers” need to be in a different place to realize that they are not the source of rights, but the agents to preserve and protect the right and freedoms that God gave to HIS children.  When the agents of government exert the “power of the government” they are not in surrender to the SOVEREIGN LORD who is the giver of rights.  

I am praying for REVIVAL because our desire for material things will lead us only to temporary pleasures.  Our desire for GOD alone, will lead us to long-term, and eternal pleasure.

Religions of violence, are man-made.  Religions of government, are man-made.  Religions of science, are man-made.  Religions of society, are man-made.   Relationship to Jesus, according to The Living Word, is the key to life, peace, and contentment.   Therefore I am praying for the Surrender of public officials to the LIVING LORD.

What are you praying for?

Written by Justin Jelincic

September 6, 2010 at 1:37 pm